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While there’s a natural tendency for people with ADHD to set healthy boundaries and have their own space and interests, it is important to be aware of how their ADHD can affect others in a friendship.  Keeping proper focus is important.  Spending too much time alone with a particular interest can detract from the focus and attention a friendship requires.  Knowing what’s happening in that person’s life that they share and affirming those details are key to maintaining and deepening a friendship.  It’s never good to show a lack of interest.

Try and consciously work to avoid the characteristics of ADHD, such as lack of eye contact, forgetting what was said, and interrupting.  It’s okay to sometimes ask to repeat something.  After spending time with a friend, it’s good to write down or type in a cell phone any relevant information that is good to remember later.

Make sure to set aside extra time to be with a friend.  Time can easily slip by for those with ADHD when trying to multitask and fulfill obligations.  It’s easy to let days and weeks slip by, leaving the friend wondering if that person lost interest.  Also, if running late or a scenario arises at the last minute when scheduled to visit a friend, it’s always better to call rather than text or e-mail.  Voice-to-voice communication is still the best of these options.