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I have felt numb or hyper in social situations most of my life.  If I was numb, I was depressed and if I was hyper, I was anxious.  This stems from hyperarousal.  I went from sitting motionless and doing nothing in a quiet room while in my teens and early 20s to overindulging in my late 20s and early 30s.  Then I discovered that chiropractic care can help in relieving depression in some cases.  I had scoliosis that was misdiagnosed when I was a kid. 

For 2 years, I went 3 times a week to a chiropractor.  I had nothing to lose.  I knew that I would benefit physically from the chiro care and could avoid any potential back problems from worsening as I got older. 

If it also meant a reduction in depression, that would be a huge bonus.  Sure enough, much of my depression went away.  My overindulging was reduced.  I took swimming lessons at age 35 and finally learned how to swim.  I learned to pace myself better.  Most importantly, my sleep patterns got much better.