The Problem

In my own brain, the amygdala is like the air intake system in a car not working properly.  Emotion is properly regulated and distributed in the brain through the amygdala in order for the mind to behave and react appropriately based on social situations at hand, just as fuel and air is properly mixed with a car’s fuel and sent to the engine free of debris and particulates.  In my case, it wasn’t properly regulated.

I was born with the umbilical cord wrapped around my neck and nearly died.  I could not turn my neck to my left until I got 2 years of chiropractic care 3 days a week in my 30s.  The left amygdala was most affected due to the left side muscles in the back of my neck tightly against the brain, which is close to where the left amygdala is located.  The amygdala contains the fight-or-flight component, which was compromised in my case.

I was always fearful and guarded in normal social situations.  I had a knot in my stomach all the time. I was nervous, anxious, and depressed.  I didn’t know how to approach life.

The Solution

My big turning point came when I went to a really good chiropractor upon my brother’s recommendation in 2001 when I was 34.  Though there was never any pain in my neck from my scoliosis (which is why it was misdiagnosed in the first place), I decided it was time to address it.  Before that, I suffered from severe depression and anxiety from age 14 to age 27.

I then had a delayed adolescence from 27 to 34 where I was drinking heavily and going to numerous heavy metal concerts.  I also had a lot of short-lived activities, such as hiring a personal trainer, karate, playing the drums, and taking insurance classes while working at State Farm.  These either lasted a few months or didn’t lead to anything.

But after 2 years of chiropractic care 3 times a week, I had a longer and better focus.  I was able to develop interests that lasted several years, such as hiking, running, photography, cooking, and reading. My depression went away altogether.  I still have occasional anxiety in social situations which is far more manageable than when I was younger.  I don’t have the fatalistic and gloom and doom mentally I once had.

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