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The body shaking is a body memory etched in the brain.  Body memories come from traumatic events.  The phrase “time heals all wounds” does not necessarily apply to body memories and trauma.  Years and even decades can pass from the traumatic event, and it can still feel like it happened yesterday.  Chiropractic care, counseling, and changing one’s surroundings are some of the ways to overcome body memories.  Changing surroundings doesn’t have to mean moving to a different location.  It can mean a different routine, new job, new hobbies, new friends, a redecorated room, the right music, etc.

Some of the ways body memories can occur are when someone drives past a place where the trauma occurred, on the anniversary of the event, hearing a voice similar to the person who caused the trauma, or touched even by accident or without malice in a way that reminds them of the event.  

Brain tissue is where the trauma ultimately finds a home.  The trauma causes the tissue to disconnect from the brain and create the conditions for long-term stress.  Many people with trauma feel a sense of being socially disconnected and disoriented with time.  The brain can be reconnected with the help of one or more methods, including chiropractors, massage therapists and counselors.  They can help restore the body and mind, respectively, to pre-trauma levels.  The imprint on the mind, brain, and body is the residue from trauma from the traumatic event(s).  Heart palpitations, fatigue, and difficulty sleeping are the symptoms I had due to body memories.